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Yonder Lies: Unpacking the Myths of Jackson Hole

Few places have come to symbolize the rapidly-changing American West quite like the valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming—grizzlies still graze by the roadside, elk eat farm-raised grass, and, all the while, service workers, ranchers, ski bums, and billionaires also jostle to find their piece of paradise.

For millennia, the human and non-human residents of Jackson Hole have co-existed in a complex struggle for the good life. But what is the state of this balance these days? And how have these relationships been shaped by recent changes in resources, demographics, and priorities of our communities?

Yonder Lies, a new podcast from KHOL 89.1 and Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative Researchers, is your invitation to dive into the nitty-gritty of Jackson Hole. Hosted by writers and researchers Hannah Habermann and Jesse Bryant, Yonder Lies shares intimate stories of the people, conflicts, and institutions that have made this place what it is today.

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Feb 2, 2020

The stories of Native Americans have long been erased in tellings of the history of the United States and in histories of Jackson Hole.

In this episode, we ask: How do we and how should we understand this violent and complicated history? What is true and what is false? And where does the legal relationship between the United States and North American Tribes stand today?

This episode is the first of two, diving into the history of the Shoshone-Bannock people in this area and the creation of the Wind River Reservation and the Fort Hall Reservation. We’ll also explore two important Supreme Court cases with their roots in Wyoming, which have shaped the relationship between treaties, land use, and the hunting rights of tribal communities: Ward v. Race Horse and Herrera v. Wyoming.

How can we move forward in telling a more accurate story of this landscape today?

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